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Pavitri Doobay

Pavitri Doobay

Pavitri Doobay, MA

Pavitri Doobay is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Florida, # IMH 17502

Pavitri Doobay is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern in Florida, # IMT 2985

Pavitri works at our Metro West office.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life or are just looking for a safe place to express your thoughts and feelings without feeling judge? If you answer "yes", you are not alone because many people feel the same way too. I know it can feel scary asking for help but you are here and it shows your strength. I will be honor to explore this journey in life with you.

I specialized in anxiety, depression and relationship issue. Also, I have worked with other mental health issues such as adjustment / life transition issue, anger management, borderline personality disorder, low self esteem, and family problem. I enjoyed working with adults and couples.

As a counselor, I value the therapeutic relationship as the most important relationship a counselor and client can ever have. Sometimes, just being there for someone in the moment can make a big difference on their journey in life.

Contact me today to complete your free over the phone intake at 352-405-2894. For more information, visit .