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Michael Greaser

Jon Michael Greaser, LCSW

Meet Michael, he works in the downtown Orlando office and the Tampa area. 

My therapeutic approach recognizes the quality of the therapeutic relationship as an essential element in the therapy process. I look to collaborate with clients to identify and develop treatment goals and objectives and empower clients to take charge of the design and direction of your life. I utilize a balance of acceptance and change strategies to identify problems and generate effective solutions that help to move away from negative experiences and toward positive experiences and toward life, joy, flexibility and freedom.

My approach utilizes dialectics, behavioral and cognitive interventions to collaboratively identify problems, behaviors and cognition's that are getting in the way and either acquire or strengthen existing skills to implement effective solutions strategies. My practice offers individual, group, familial and phone coaching treatment methods.

I am a therapist at and I am available for individual and skills training groups. Appointments/questions can be arranged by calling or emailing me and I will return your call within 24 hours.

Call or Email Mr. Jon Greaser for a free phone consultation now -(813) 438-7908